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London Meeting on Magurchara Gas Explosion. Please join us on 29 July, 5 pm, Children Center, E1 1RX

A devastating gas explosion occurred in June 1997 while oil and gas company Occidental was drilling at Magurchara, northeast Moulvibazar district in Bangladesh. Blow out turned into inferno and destroyed 700 acres reserved forest and 10 tea gardens.Explosion seriously damaged environment, ecology, wildlife and permanently damaged vast areas around.This explosion destroyed 6.9 billion cubic meters of gas.National Committee to Protect Oil-Gas-and Mineral Resources estimated that Bangladesh lost 25 thousand crore Taka.

Bangladesh claimed compensation from Occidental and accused of negligence to run the gas field. Afterwards, Occidental sold its interest to Unocal and later on Unocal merged with Chevron. Occidental sold off its interest to the another American company Unocal without any agreement on compensation and left Bangladesh paying nothing.

Government was very much responsible of being lenient to Oil and Gas companies. They had unfair understanding, were bribed and protected oil and gas companies’ interests rather than Bangladesh. Later on, Bangladesh government claimed $ 650 million (39 billion taka) as compensation against Unocal and brought it into the international court. Actually, it was a show up for making people fool.
National Committee to Protect Oil Gas and Mineral Resources in Bangladesh, The UK Branch.